Top 30 Fastest Shopify Theme in 2021


2021’s Best fastest shopify theme review for your online store

A fastest shopify theme for your store can be a magic to grow your business by garbing more potential customers for your online stores. Isn’t it amazing? let’s read the cool collection of shopify themes.

Wokiee- The Multitasker Premium Shopify Theme

fastest shopify theme

  1. This design tool provides you with a great variety of layouts you need.
  2. It has also a number of contrasting styles that meet up all your requirements.
  3. With the help of several modules, you can create your own website with UX.
  4. The content management system of Workiee is so efficient that it lets you control all the contents present within the web.
  5. You can change the images and products within your site using Workiee.

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Ella- An All Purpose Shopify theme

ella shopify theme

  • It comes with amazingly designed banners and blocks that are eye catchy for your customers.
  • one of the fastest shopify themes come with fully arranged blocks and sections which are displayed before customers to easily find whatever they need.
  • The improved Ajax Layered Navigation filters the products according to the tags of size, color, price and brand.
  • With the Responsive Web Design, this shopify theme is compatible with all your android and iOS devices as well as desktops.
  • Ella has a simple but professional features

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Fastor-The Shopify Sections Theme

fastor shopify sections Theme

  • It is a shopify section supported theme with multiple modules to work on.
  • It has an excellent responsive layout so you can think of having multiple designs for your online store.
  • There is the a particular product module specifically meant for listing down the information about all the products found on your store.
  • This shopify theme can be your ideal shopify clothing theme because of the advanced grid module and its complete compatibility with all the browsers.
  • It is compatible with all the top leading browsers and fills the parameters of all the operational devices.

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Shella- An All Purpose Shopify

shella shopify theme

  • Shella is an amazing shopify theme with a responsive layout.
  • This fashion shopify theme provides you with a personalised header and footer from which you can choose according to the nature of your online fashion store.
  • You can build your very own personalised banners in the way you want out of the twelve column grids.
  • This shopify theme is designed with the help of a BEM methodology, with a very responsive UI.
  • It comes in a minimalist fashion with advanced controlling panels.

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Zeexo-Multipurpose fastest shopify themes

zeexo multipurpose shopify theme

  • This shopify theme provides lifetime free updates once you have it. It has got unlimited designs which you can choose according to your choice.
  • Using this popular shopify, you are not even required to modify the codes an can select your very personal design, just the way you want.
  • There is a detailed variety of options through which you can choose those suiting you the best.
  • When we talk about the image quality, we have features fastest loading shopify themes which help in loading the image perfectly according to the size of the device.
  • Lazy Loading Image feature loads all the pictures at the fastest pace you can expect,
  • The personalized wish list module allows your customers sort the specific requirements they have.

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Kalles- The Versatile Multitasking Shopify Theme

Kalles Versatile Multitasking Shopify Theme

  • This Shopify theme excels its other competitors in terms of its wide category of demos, each one differentiating from other in terms of basic style and design.
  • The device-optimisation is a fine feature of this theme.
  • Its built-in demos give you quick access to the kind of style you want to adopt for your store.
  • It offers the amazing sticky feature which directly displays the details of all your products.
  • The 9+ Header operation manages everything in a very neat and professional way.
  • The product filters based on the CMS tag separate the products.
  • The product girds are customised and diverse.
  • one of the fastest shopify themes who loves a  clean royal look.

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Avone-Multitasking Shopify Theme

Avone Multitasking Shopify Theme

  • This Shopify Theme is one of the best shopify themes because of one reason and that is its, “Custom Designs”.
  • It offers you almost 1000 of personalised designs from which you can select and arrange the way you want for your store.
  • The demos introduced by Avone are user friendly and versatile.
  • The user- friendly demos are not only contrasting but are interchangeable which means you can easily shift to the demo of your own choice.
  • You can easily mix the features offered by various demos and create one particular demo for maximum sales and services.

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Gecko-Responsive Multitasking Shopify Theme

Gecko Responsive Multitasking Shopify Theme

  • With its responsive technology, the demos are very easy to install and all it takes is just a single click and you are on a go.
  • It offers the product video thumbnail, so that you can easily put up videos of your products.
  • The pin marker plugin manages your look book to the most modern and desired styles.
  • The Instagram Feed tab has direct access with Gecko.You can easily provide the links of your store on Instagram directly over Gecko.

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Barberry-Modern Shopify Theme

Barberry Shopify Theme

  • Barberry defines the modern concept of an ideal theme one wants to have.
  • It provides the surprising RTL support. In other words you can easily get access to RTL or in other words left-to-right languages of shopify.
  • The footer reveal effect is also an additional feature present in this theme.
  • Here youwill find the header revealing from the main content appearing as a part of it.
  • Stock Countdown helps you count and evaluate the number of products found on your store.

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Lezada-Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Lezada Shopify Theme

  • Lezada is one of the best shopify themes specified for fashion, style and jewellery and decor. It is a minimalist theme with diverse layout categories.
  • It comes with 220+ home pages which are ready to use at anytime.
  • Apart from being a fast responsive theme. It has a unique feature of offering cross-browser compatibility.
  • This shopify theme comes with a well explained documentation meeting up all your queries.
  • Lezada gives you a direct link with your customers through direct comment section, further linking the facebook comments too.

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Yanka- Multitasking Shopify Theme

Yanka Shopify Fashion Theme

  • This offers you a mega menu through which you can easily control all the contents of the menu according to your choice.
  • It provides you numerous filters which are directly based upon the tags of the CMS. Soon after you manage the tags specifying your products, the filter organization is done afterwards.
  • Yanka has 27+ banner sections, which you can edit and replace anytime.
  • Yanka comes with a customised size guide table which you can adjust according to your own ease.

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Foxic-Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Foxic Shopify Fashion Theme

  • Foxic comes up with multilevel menu which means you can integrate all the store details in well arranged formats and create multiple designs depending upon the layout you choose.
  • The add to cart feature is sticky and displayed below all of your store products.
  • Not only it informs about the present products within your store but keeps a clear look on all the sold and scarce products of your store and notifies you in case of an absent product.
  • Newsletter pop-up is stick and is customized according to your choice.
  • A high resolution module to zoom a product and have a quick view of it. It doesn’t finish here but the product countdown allows the customer find all the possible products within a given list.

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Elessi-User-Friendly Shopify Theme

Elessi Shopify Theme

  • Elessi is one of the best shopify clothing themes which comes with a powerful theme options panel
  • The Look book feature of the theme is made up for all those running clothing and fashion stores. Through this feature, your customers can get an idea about the latest trend within the store and the newest collection available.
  • The product filters are unique and based upon the tags you have organised.
  • The theme is responsive and retina ready which means that it gives you directly fits according to the parameters of every single device you are using.

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Molla-Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Molla Shopify Theme

  • It has a Minimalist design coming with mega menu, so you can control all the contents of the web.
  • The graphics and layouts are diverse and are easy to edit and replace.
  • The banners and headers are all customised based upon your own requirement.
  • 20+ demos make it more that easy for you to choose your own category and with a single link install, you can start publishing all your content over here.
  • The short-code page is simple and displays all the product grids according to your selection.

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Kala- Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Kala Shopify Theme

  • It comes with 10+ different header styles so that you can design your store’s website according to your own choice.
  • A responsive web design which fills the parameters of every device from which you are managing your store.
  • Kala offers a custom homepage further divided into various sections of your vey own choice.
  • It has the product switching feature according to the size and colour besides offering detailed product filters.
  • This shopify theme has advanced visual slide feature and a versatile mega menu.

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Goodwin-Multitasking Responsive Shopify Theme

Goodwin Shopify Theme

  • Goodwin is the perfect theme one can ask for. This shopify theme comes with an alluring style.
  • It comes with two different modes, so you can alternate from black to white any time. One is the dark and other is the light mode, so the transition takes between any of the modes you want.
  • HTML validity is the most supportive feature present within the theme.
  • The product review module is clear and comes beneath every single product on your store.
  • With 14+ automated designs you can rightly choose the one suiting your own interest and your store.

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Woodmart-Responsive Shopify Theme

Woodmart Shopify Theme

  • Woodmart is known for its perfect content management system where you can control your website as well as your store just the way you like it.
  • The headers provided by the theme are diverse and variable, which means the site to your store can be in any format you want.
  • Responsive Interface helps to adjust according to the device.
  • Diverse Layouts and multiple designs with distinguishing product grids.
  • Category banners are variable and parallax which further slide into the side bar.

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Trendway- The Multitasking Shopify Theme

Trendway Shopify Theme

  • Trendway is the most liked theme of 2020 and is the foremost choice of all the fashion store owners when it comes to choosing the best shopify fashion and clothing themes.
  • The most desirable feature of this theme is its multiple layout module, which means you can easily think of designing and editing your store according to your favourite layout styles.
  • A cross-browser compatibility is necessarily a part of this theme and it is fully compatible with all of your devices.
  • It comes with a ready-to-use newsletter pop and a CMS grid that is fully supportive.
  • The quickviews about the products and a separate wish list are present and fully developed.

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Belle-Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Belle Shopify Theme

  • Belle is a fantastic shopify theme known for receiving regular updates and all updates are based upon the improvements suggestions submitted by the users.
  • With 16+ demos and layouts, you can easily design your store just the way you like it most.
  • Belle provides you with banners of product inquiry and product preorder, that makes it easier for you to grow your store.
  • Satisfying the moral policies, an age verification pop-up is offered by the theme

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Kenza-Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Kenza Shopify Theme

  • Kenza offers you a multiple layout building which means you can easily create new designs according to your very own choice.
  • Custom Product Tabs offer your customers go in depth of the details of the product and also specifies a single product from the other.
  • An advanced quick view banner helps your customers get a brief view about all your store products in no time.
  • With multiple layouts, you can easily replace and edit the header and footer layout at any time you want.
  • A separate blogs module gives you the opportunity to add blogs about your store and increase your sales.

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Gemini-Responsive Shopify Theme

Gemini Shopify Theme

  • As named on a popular zodiac sign, Gemini is a popular shopify theme which is famous for its customization.
  • It offers 360 versatile layout options which you can use according to your own ease and can create the store of your very own choice.
  • Gemini is a very responsive theme and adapts to the device in which you are operating your store.
  • It gives 3+ distinguishing demos which you can use according to the type of store you own.
  • The drop down cart option helps your customer to access the carts quickly.
  • There is a 15+ page layout option which allows you to choose the one based on your choice.
  • It gives you variable typography options so that you can access the right ones according to your choice.

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Infinite-Responsive Shopify Theme

Infinite Shopify Theme

  • It comes with a shopify visual builder and variety of layouts. Therefore, you don’t need to fret about the styles for improving your store sales.
  • Ajax product search is present alongside the new deals pop-up.
  • A mega menu with quick product search is present which is compatible with every single layout you choose.
  • Unlimited product reviews display beneath every single product.
  • Brand logo and product zoom feature are also offered by the theme.

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Skudmart-The Multitasking Shopify Theme

Skudmart Shopify Theme

  • This theme comes with 15+ mesmerizing designs for your fashion store, from which you can choose and edit your desired ones anytime.
  • It provides your customers with unlimited collection pages. These collection pages can be used to display the new collection within your store before your customers.
  • 8+ headers are presented by default from which you can choose your required one.
  • You can easily use the sticky header feature to arrange the header of your online store in your desired way.
  • It comes with multiple banners according to your chosen field of expertise and provides custom blocks meeting up your product requirement.
  • There are specific product custom tabs on which you can list all the details about your product including its size, color, category and price.

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Blackery-Responsive Shopify Theme

Blackery Shopify Fashion Theme

  • Blackery is specifically meant for all the fashion dealers because this shopify theme is specified for the online stores who deal with fashion equipment.
  • It provides a series of almost 18 headers and 16 footers each one with a distinct style.
  • The infinite scroll feature offered by the theme allows your customers to check all the products within a row without moving any further, hence you can scroll freely without any headache of turning on to the next page.
  • Live purchase notification module makes your customer aware about the overall sales of your store. So, they can buy the products with great satisfaction.
  • The custom FAQ page helps you and your customers in sorting out all the necessary queries very conveniently.

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Eva-Responsive Multitasking Shopify Theme

Eva Shopify Theme

  • The Minimalist theme with a vast variety of layouts to edit and change are offered by Eva.
  • It comes with a simple and fine UI which you can easily use for creating your very own webstore.
  • A single click installation and multiple demos are a fine characteristic of Eva.
  • Variant images can be used to describe every single product into detail and product switching gets easier than before.
  • The dynamic check out buttons ease the task for the customers, as they can directly check out after their purchases without facing a single “add to cart” hurdle.
  • A “Quick Shopping Bar” is made specifically for purchases involving phones. So, you can easily carry on purchases over your phone too.

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Banita-Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Banita Shopify Theme

  • Banita stands as one of the top most shopify fashion and clothing themes because of its absolute theme control.
  • The integrated theme control comes with a mega menu through which you can easily control all your product advertisement and sequence.
  • 9+ presets allow you to create your own visual builders, so you can easily design the layout of your webstore.
  • Upselling and integrated management of the products is clearly assured by the website.
  • It also comes with interactive sliding bars and rounded buttons on your site to create the perfect look for your customers.
  • You have the option to colorize your theme in the way you like.
  • A complete catalogue page appears which saves your customers from any hassle of a fixed registration and selecting the add to cart option.
  • Best shopify themes for clothing and to display your products as image blocks

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Oreo-Multitasking Shopify Style Theme

Oreo Shopify Theme

  • Oreo fulfills the minimalistic approach to create a style statement with its advanced look and simple but advanced variable layouts.
  • A blog list style layout appearance gives the product details in an elaborate way.
  • Oreo is fully responsive and adaptive in its function.
  • A direct link to Instagram shop and a unique lookbook to display all of your store products in a single and listed way.
  • Oreo gives multiple google fonts in variable colors.
  • A video slideshow feature to improve the products appearance is offered.

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Boutique-Multitasking Shopify Theme

Boutique Shopify Theme

  • It is specially meant to list among the best shopify clothing themes with a versatile variety of layouts.
  • It provides a free-shipping pop-up feature to attract the customers.
  • It provides a dynamic product check button to get details about the products and finalize purchases.
  • The column grid mode by the developers allows you to select the best based on your products.

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April-Sectioned Multitasking Shopify Theme

April Shopify Theme

  • It comes with 20+ shop styles so choose the best one.
  • A revolution slide show is present to display the product details.
  • It has an advanced product filter that filters out the products based on the CMS tags.
  • April offers complete compatibility with every single device you are using.
  • Best shopify themes for clothing for your woocommece shop and multi business niches
  • This shopify theme comes with Ajax wishlist and product comparison.

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Corano-Responsive Shopify Jewelry Theme

Corano Shopify Jewelry Theme

  • It comes with a custom category view, so you can easily choose your view style either in grids or in columns.
  • Corano is among those few shopify themes which offer a complete separate module for affiliate marketing.
  • It also offers an advanced drop shipping strategy for your store.
  • A testimonial page present purposely for telling what your customers say about your stores.
  • It comes with a mini cart feature where your customers can select and edit the quantity of a product they choose

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Well, if you are looking for more similar types multipurpose WordPress themes, you can check it here also.


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