How to backup WordPress website manually


In this tutorial I have showed  you how to backup WordPress website manually that will save your server disk space. In this super easy process, you don’t need to install any backup plugin at all.

Manual backup WordPress has to simple process. Firstly,  is to take backup of WordPress files under public_html folder and Secondly, to take backup of MySql database.

Step one: At first you have to login to the  cPanel and go to file manager


Step two: Go to Public_html folder


Step three: Check to “Select All” button, hold the CTRL button and de-select the first two folder as that are not WordPress files here (in my case).

Step four: Now Right click of your mouse and click on “Compress” to backup WordPress website manually

Step five: A popup will open and here check mark the “Zip Archive” option and scroll down a little bit.

zip archive

Step six: Now rename zip file name (any name ie. and press the “Compress Files” button.

rename zip file

Step 7: A compress result will popup. just click here the “close” button.

ready zip file

Step 8: now the backup zip file is ready here

how to backup WordPress website manually

Step 9: Now select the backup zip file and click on “download” button and the file will start to download in your local computer. After finishing the download, go to the download folder of your local computer and preserve it as a zipped file from cPanel

Step Ten: Now its time to take database backup. Therefore, write down “php” in cPanel’s search bar and ‘phpmyadmin’ option will show in filter, click on that, it will show the databases.

search for phpmyadmin

Step eleven: now select the database of your website, scroll down and “check all” button.

phpmysql database selection

Step twelve: Click on “Export” button, scroll down and keep format as it is (SQL), press ‘GO’ button and database download window will popup. Click ‘OK’.

export database file from phpmyadmin

Step Thirteen: Now we are done. Finally we have got two types of files that is WordPress zipped file and mysql database file. so preserve it as backup of your WordPress website.

And each time you make changes of your website, take backup in the same way.

If you have any further query on how to backup WordPress website manually, please comment and I will try to help you as soon as possible. Thank you.


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