How will WordPress website connect to stripe


What should you learn to connect to stripe:

connect to stripe is one of the most popular payment methods that is easy, reliable, and simple to connect. Most of marketers using stripe to connect their website to a payment gateway and to generate money from their businesses.

Where you can use stripe:

Those who have online eCommerce products can easily add stripe to generate profit which is totally free. You don’t need any extra add-ons here unless you have very specific requirements. In some cases, you may need to add payment gateway in a multistep form where customers can add products to cart and pay via the form. Here you can use Forminator Contact Form that supports stripe integration and will help you to create a wocommerce form. So if you want a FREE form-based payment gateway then there is no alternative to forminator. Because here stripe is integrated.

Prerequisite of stripe integration:

a) signup to and stay logged in your stripe account.

Connect to stripe in WordPress website is pretty easy and simple.

Step 1: Create a Stripe account from here and after creation keep logged in.

Step 2: Install a plugin in WordPress named “Accept Stripe Payments” and activate it.connect to stripe

Step 3: From WordPress dashboard >> Go to “Stripe Payments” >> “settings” >> under the “General settings” scroll down >> go to the “Credentials”.

stripe settings

Step 4:  Under the credentials option go to “Live Mode” and uncheck the Live mode option. When configuration will be complete, check this box again.

stripe api connect

Step 5: Go to your Stripe account’s setting and copy  the following items:
1) “Live Publishable Key”,
2) “Live Stripe Secret Key”,
3) “Test Stripe Publishable Key”
4) “Test Stripe Secret Key” and paste it to the credentials area of Stripe plugin.

Step 6: Lastly “Save change”.

Conclusion: don’t forget to check the “Live mode” on inside your Stripe payment settings. When your site is ready to collect payment from your customers, you need to keep this setting in live mode so that the real money will start deposited inside your account if someone purchased products from your woocommerce wesbite.


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