please provide a valid branch code

please provide a valid branch code is a common error that themeforest affiliate marketers experienced during setup of payment method specially the Bangladeshi marketers. Suppose, you have filled up the Bank Branch Code option as per your bank’s instruction but still getting error and asking to provide a valid branch code then you must be&hellip


7 simple steps to fix 5xx server error

Fixing 5xx server error is very essential for your website  to rank your pages in google. It is mainly happened because of your unsupported codes inside your htaccess file. Because, google will not rank  your pages due to this error. As a consequences you may loose a lot of traffic for your website and of&hellip


5 Best WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers always look for best WordPress theme for affiliate marketing  and from that perspective, I have reviews here some really good collection of WordPress themes that you may prefer for your business. Tokoo It is the best WordPress theme for boosting your affiliate marketing. The theme has a professional and simple colored  and specially&hellip

Author themes

12 Best WordPress Themes for Book Authors

The Novelist: One of  the best WordPress themes for book authors Novelist is one of the updated WordPress themes for book authors. In Novelist there are many different pages with short codes and also with attractive updated templates. Its cost is also reasonable and it is the good package for selling and presenting the book.&hellip

WordPress themes for nonprofits

Top ten WordPress themes for nonprofits

A website is a necessity for non-profit organizations. These organizations apply websites for establishing an online presence as well as communicating with sponsors and partners and reaching out to new sponsors. Just like other organizations, nonprofits require websites as part of their brand identity tools. WordPress is an almost natural choice for websites of nonprofits.&hellip

Multipurpose themes

20 best theme to use with elementor

Finding the best theme to use with elementor is super easy now! Here, I have featured  some cool WordPress themes that could be a better choice for elementor lovers. If  you are not expert in all aspect of  WordPress but have good or some basic knowledge in Elementor page builder and looking for a premium&hellip

Blogger Themes

The 7 Best Blogger Theme for Adsense

Although starting a blog is not exactly a capital-intensive project, it is no small feat. Starting a blog involves considering a myriad of factors that would lead your target audience to the content you create. To attract the right audience, you must strategically create your blog content and layout. Since most blogs are also created&hellip