zoom integration in WordPress


Nowadays, the necessity of zoom integration in WordPress for online video conferencing or long distance online meeting has become the best alternative system all over the world.

There areĀ  a large number of meeting/conference software or plugins. But none of them as free as WordPress zoom plugin. Zoom is free up-to certain level of users and duration. But, to use the free package of zoom is fine for small and medium size of industries.

Here are the simple steps on how to integrate zoom in WordPress website:

Step 1:

zoom integration


Step 2:

zoom integration in WordPress

Step 3:

Zoom integration step 3

Step 4:

Zoom integration step 4

Step 5:

zoom integration step 5

Step 6:

zoom integration step 6

Step 7:

zoom integration step 7


Step 8:

zoom integration step 8

Step 9:

zoom integration step 9

Step 10:

zoom integration step 10

Step 11:

zoom integration step 11

Great! your zoom has been successfully integrated.


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